Creative secret santa gift ideas

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If you have some spare time, create a unique gift box which can confuse her about your gift. Be creative and work hard for it since creative anniversary gift for husband is normal for her to have high expectations from you. To make it even more interesting and a lot less work, create QR Codes using a QR code generator that scan into different URL images as clues.

Sata print out the QR codes and strategically place them throughout your house. This way you don't have creative cloud gift draw or write out every clue.

Creative secret santa gift ideas - reason

It creates less waste. The reason that I started exploring alternative gift wrapping myself was because I didn't like all of the waste that creative employee gift ideas wrapping paper creates. Why buy something that will be used for such a short amount of time and then thrown away. Most eco seceet choices can be recycled or re-used.



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